How to get money out of Commuter card ?

Amazon nonsenseme
Sep 11 10 Comments

I have lots of balance in my commuter card and thinking of taking it off. Does anyone know any hacks to get money out of commuter card ?


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  • New / Data __cmp__
    Sell it on Amazon. Profit and jail!
    Sep 11 2
    • Amazon / Eng
      Gavin B

      Amazon Eng

      Gavin Bmore
      Jail=rent-free living. So a win
      Sep 11
    • AnchorFree badcodesol
      Jail for what?
      Sep 12
  • Publicis Sapient Deseis
    Be happy that you get a card and quit trying to take advantage of a good thing. Renegotiate your TC if you are that desperate.
    Sep 11 1
    • Amazon nonsenseme
      I asked for the solution and not the advice. I don’t want to negotiate my TC because I wanna be good to them and I want money out of wage work because I wanna be good to them again.
      Sep 11
  • Amazon catmeme
    Sep 11 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Move the cash to stored value on multiple Clipper (transit) cards.
    Sep 11 1
    • / IT top_phodu
      And then stand outside of the subway and sell them to the tourists.
      Sep 13
  • Hulu EVN829
    Wow...what a cheap bastard!
    Sep 13 0
  • Apple MClayton
    We can use ours for UberPool. Each commuter card is different so idk which one Amazon uses.
    Sep 11 0


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