How to increase TC

Amazon UvneisL
Jan 10 10 Comments

For personal reasons, I didn’t get the chance to negotiate my TC. What can I do as an employee to maximize it in the future?

TC: 163K
YOE: 0


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  • Google / Eng come2daddy
    If you want to get 10-20% increment year to year, work hard and be the top performers league at same company.

    If you want 20-40% jump, keep changing job every two years. First year, work hard. Second year take it easy, everyone knows you are good and then when there is enough shit accumulated, change jobs.

    The cycle of hard working year followed by easy fun life keeps your Work life balance perfect.
    Jan 10 3
    • Yelp / Eng

      Yelp Eng

      Let’s play some pingpong or badminton
      Wow seems legit. Time to work hard
      Jan 10
    • New b37
      Listen to this person, OP. I have never changed jobs and my TC has only risen by about 40% (base by 20%) in two decades. Which would be no big deal if my starting salary hadn't been just 32k.

      Hop. Jump. Get money.
      Jan 10
    • Google L6 Intern
      "when there is enough shit accumulated, change jobs." WTF happened to work ethics? Hope your 2 year at Google is coming up soon.
      Jan 10
  • Google / Eng Grange
    Jan 10 2
    • Amazon UvneisL
      Hop to another company?
      Jan 10
    • eBay wafflebay
      Leetcode, then hop
      Jan 10
  • Roku yqrX66
    To put this into perspective I went from L5 at Amazon to L6 is one year had the best review of my life had other managers and peers putting great stuff on my review and still only got a 10% raise and no extra stocks. Amazon comp plan isn't set up for great performers so don't plan on getting good comp till year three and it's still a gamble on the stock going up. If you are good hop.
    Jan 10 2
    • Twitter 🐒。
      So now u realized that and are coasting standard 9-5 and not selling your soul to the company?
      Jan 10
    • Amazon ChiknTikka
      Amazon comp bands are horrible for top performers since they limit additional grants based on stock price appreciation. "I loved hearing from my manager that our stock price increase is my promo reward", said nobody ever.
      Jan 10

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