How to make Blind not suck

Sep 17 7 Comments

now that iOS 13 is coming out (and many of us have been on the beta for a while), you may be avoiding using the Blind app (as i have been) as it doesnt support dark mode! reddit, twitter, safari reader mode, even books support dark mode- but that is just too much work for the Blind developers. perhaps they want to burn themselves into our retinas so thay we never forget to read Blind. anyway, i have discovered the most incredible H4CX0R to enable the wonders of dark mode, yes, even in this wasteland of black text on a white background. here’s how: in your ios settings, go into accessibility settings, and then open up the zoom menu. turn on full screen zoom, enable the inverted filter, and zoom all the way out. also enable the accessibility shortcut, then when you open Blind you can just triple click the power/siri button and it’s just like if Blind supported dark mode! this way is almost better than if Blind supported dark mode because (as you probably know) it takes a shitload of coding and algorithms to change the background color and text color (this is actually one of the planned excercises for the new leetcode doritos EXTREME category).



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  • Facebook wxPg83
    Dark mode is a fad. Change my mind.
    Sep 17 4
  • Microsoft orki
    Dark mode - I go to my bedroom , turn off lights , dark mode
    Sep 17 1
    • So old-school! I love it. You MS guys sure know how to do it like it’s 1999
      Sep 17


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