How to make the change from QA Engineer (manual) to Data Scientist/Analyst? Is there any overlap? What should I learn?

New / QA Dudf26
Sep 4 7 Comments

Is the leap from QA to Data Scientist too large?


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  • Google fghsdui5
    Apply to job, get job
    Sep 4 2
    • Google fghsdui5
      You ate the gochi
      Sep 4
    • Juniper fakeTrump
      agar pasand aya ho to failao ise..
      Sep 4
  • Neurocrine AtinlayBro
    QA to data analyst, doable
    QA to data scientist, it's too ambitious

    DS need to be good with stats, comfortable with basic programming, SQL, some ML concepts, and even product knowledge for some companies. Companies like Uber have a really high bar for DS, most people are PhDs in quant background (operations research, ML, statistics etc). FB DS doesn't need ML but their stats bar is pretty high.
    Sep 4 2
    • New / QA Dudf26
      Thanks for your response!
      Sep 4
    • Walmart sentient
      Data analyst and data scientist are the same thing in most tech companies with exceptions research roles at Uber, Amazon etc. If you want to become a non-PhD product data scientist learn SQL, pandas and go through DS interview questions on the internet. That should do; be prepared to paid as much as an analyst.
      Oct 5
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Intel, morganstanley, citadel, etrade
    coding monkey
    Yes it’s huge, you probably need a statistics/quant degree first
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