How to move from GA to CA/ Seattle as IT Mgr

Terminus / IT HankBank
Oct 20 2 Comments

Hey folks,

Looking for advice on how to push forward with big move attempt. I had an offer in place with Twitter HQ a month ago but it didnt work out. Now after falling in love with the West, im looking to make the move, but how can I make this dream a reality?

I'm an IT Operations Lead/ IT Manager in my current role with 10yrs exp & Master's degree in IT & Enterprise Technology Management.

Would love to crack a FAANG gig but my top priority is getting to either Seattle or CA.

Anyone else in IT been able to do this?

Thanks in advance!!


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  • Microsoft iamletired
    What happened with the Twitter offer? If you can get an offer there, you can get one elsewhere. Just keep interviewing.
    Oct 20 1
    • Terminus / IT HankBank
      They had a "re org" and the comp changed before I was able to accept the offer.

      Took me forever and lots of bugging recruiters on LinkedIn to get that far lol
      Oct 20


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