How to overcome interview anxiety?

New mi4
Jan 11 17 Comments

I feel like when it comes to interviews I get so anxious and black out irrespective of how well I’m prepared. Any pro tips?


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  • LinkedIn Blind 🧐
    Practice. Both in giving interviews and preparing
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  • Deloitte career777
    I was in that position maybe 3 months and felt like there was no end in sight. I find a few methods to help myself and I hope you find yours too. Here are some tips
    1) try to figure out where this anxiety is coming from ? For me it was fear of sounding dumb and fear if staying in my job. I tried to write down these fears and their worst case best case. This helped me me be fully transparent with myself about these fears. Speak to a loved one if you can.
    2) practice - everyone says practice a lot but how ?
    For me I practiced with my husband on my behaviorala. Instead of finding a story for every situation . I collected 5-6 stories in total and practiced them hard. Writing answers down on a notebook helped me as well - why company , why you for the role ( wrote this down and practiced) also while saying it don’t make it too rehearsed. Have major bullet points that you can refer to mentally
    2) I studied hard about the industry and the company I was interviewing. Dedicate a notebook to write concepts down as you are reading. Read about their quarterly report, refer to certain magazines - for tech I recommend recode, wired, Qz, TechCrunch, medium. Follow twitter accounts of the ceo, of people who are well regarded in the industry
    3) figure out as much as you can about the format of the interview and the people you are interviewing with from the recruiter. For every round I used to ask the recruiter what the format was - if it’s a case I would ask are there any topics that are in focus . Try to figure out through LinkedIn who your teammates are- search titles, contact people who either worked in the position for that company or are doing similar roles in other companies.

    Right now you might feel like there is no way you can get through this anxiety but trust me there is a way. It just requires time and effort!

    Good luck
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  • IBM tAhj86h
    i take one shot before an interview, takes the edge off

    source: i think am an alcoholic
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  • Clover Health / Eng doenfh
    I try to treat/see the interviewer as a human first and foremost. Thank them for taking the time for you today and let them know you're feeling a little standard nervousness.

    A little empathy followed by humility goes a long way to diffuse nerves in the air.
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  • Microsoft sjfmeu
    Accept that you are going to be little nervous. It is normal to be nervous. Not accepting the fact, that you are getting nervous sometimes makes you more nervous. Trust me, everyone competing against you is more or less nervous. To reduce my anxiety, I practice "to stay in the moment" everytime and not just during interview. While driving focus on driving only, while eating focus on eating, while working just focus at work. "To stay in the moment" is a habit which takes time to develop but once it is developed it helps to reduce anxiety a lot. Also do some meditation on a regular basis for a few minutes, breathing exercises helps your calm down a lot. In addition to that practice hard, knowledge makes you confident and helps with reducing anxiety. Good luck!
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    • Boeing / Eng 0xC3
      I’ve been working on this, being in the moment. Why does it work tho? My hypothesis ATM is the ego worries about its future and past and inhibits the mind to do creative work
      Jan 11
  • USDA / Eng GMletsdoit
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  • Wipro


    Citizen and democrat
    Dress casual with jeans 👖 that makes you think it’s just another meeting 😀
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  • Glooko / Other drditto
    Go into it understanding that not everyone on the panel knows more than you do.
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  • eBay / Eng

    eBay Eng

    Odds are very high that you will fail your interview and never see these people again. And in most cases they won’t remember you if you do. So there is really nothing to worry about. Just don’t mess up and be exceptional because then they will.

    The people you should be anxious around are your current coworkers since they know who you are and see you every day. Do something wrong around them and they’ll remember.
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  • Bank of America / Eng jkQk45
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  • Microsoft NoDefense
    Keep giving more interviews.
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  • Microsoft X9pl12
    Write the expected interview questions and give to a friend to ask you. Then answer them out loud to practice. Have your friend tell you their opinion and do it again until it’s better.
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  • Juniper ㄴㅇㄴ
    After a while, you just get used to the pressure to the point where you're comfortable. Also, pay attention to your posture, behavior, and speech during interviews so you can improve next time.
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  • New ktFx33
    Schedule a bunch of real interviews even with companies that you’re not interested in. You can only overcome it with practice. You could also join public speaking club like toastmasters
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  • Microsoft / Eng !!!!!!!!
    Practise as many as possible mock interviews on
    That will help.
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  • Microsoft / Mgmt holly shit
    Ativan 1mg
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