How to pass Bloomberg resume screening?

Tata Consultancy Services i++
Nov 3 11 Comments

I am looking for internships and get past resume screening for Microsoft, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, and in interview phase with two companies but Bloomberg always reject my application. Is there something I can do particularly for Bloomberg? I have good c++ experience which is there prime requirement.

P.S: I am not from TCS just interned there.


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  • Bloomberg F.U. Money
    Bloomberg is very selective for internships and it’s much harder to get in than as a new grad and even a senior. All interns that I’ve met have been from Harvard, Princeton, and MIT and have been outstanding performers. Like managers and engineers still mention their names years after they have left. Might be not that your resume is weak per se, just that there are some top shelf applicants out there and they get in while others don’t.

    That being said, do apply after graduation. It’s much more likely that you’ll get in.
    Nov 3 4
    • Tata Consultancy Services i++
      Thanks for the detailed answer! I will definitely apply next year for new grad!
      Nov 3
    • Google nycrainsno
      Don’t quite agree. For Bloomberg, intern and new-hire have similar bar, definitely selective with many Harvard Yale Princeton, but still many other not-that-top-school(But still top). Of course, intern=new-hire >>> senior. Thus BBG is really good for new-hire.
      Nov 6
    • Google nycrainsno
      Also if all interns are so outstanding, would they come back to Bloomberg? Guess they would all choose Google and top fund for full-time job?
      Nov 6
    • Bloomberg bayke
      All the interns I've been close to have come back for FT. In my experience Bloomberg beats Google on work-life balance and not being evil...
      Nov 12
  • Microsoft o_¬
    Top school is definitely not a requirement, but if they recruit on-campus, it's much easier. At my school's career fair, engineers would ask a LC easy on the spot and invite people who solved that back for more on-campus interviews or onsites.
    Nov 3 1
    • Tata Consultancy Services i++
      Not an option for me 😑
      Nov 4
  • Bloomberg infi
    I believe there are interns from many other places which are known for top engineering programs ( not necessarily the most advertised though.... Harvard yes that's you I am pointing at..) like UMD, Purdue etc. I guess it's just hard luck on your case.
    Nov 7 1
    • Tata Consultancy Services i++
      I am not from top engineering college so that might be the case!
      Nov 7
  • Bloomberg / Retail MYPD <GO>
    what gpa do you have
    Nov 5 1
    • Tata Consultancy Services i++
      Nov 6


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