How to prepare for System Design Interviews for iOS Developer

C Spire Wireless SXvh05
Mar 9 3 Comments

I have two system design interviews coming up over the next month. One with twitter and one with facebook. I've never done a SDI. I've looked over Grokking the System Design Interview and I wonder if most of what it's talking about would ever be expected of a iOS Developer.

I know someone that interviewed at Twitter here recently that said it was more high level architectural and focused on client side. Would this mean talking about everything related to what the client side app would need to do and to separate layers into an architecture like MVVM or VIPER?

Any ideas on what I should expect?


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  • Reddit now @ IG
    For iOS sys design interviews you will usually be asked how you would architect an app or a feature of an app. Pick as many popular features and apps as you can and come up with the best designs you can.
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    • C Spire Wireless SXvh05
      One of the Glassdoor Facebook SDI questions was to design a photo streaming app.

      So for this I would ask a bunch a questions to clarify the problem, maybe draw some UI, then talk about the UI controls I would use, then start designing / talking about the flow of images from web service to UI?

      All the while trying to split up the different layers logically using an architecture? Maybe mvvm or viper
      Mar 9
  • Akamai Technologies MsLK74
    I believe the focus is on solving problems like reducing network requests, persisting data, caching contents, resilience. Also, discussing tradeoffs , iOS frameworks. I don’t believe designing UX is the objective here.
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