How to prepare fundamentals of DSP

Dec 1

How to prepare basics of digital signal processing for a company interview that makes mobile chips. I will be a machine learning research engineer. Thanks!


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  • New / EnguhYr23
    Alan V. Oppenheim's book. Make sure you understand all verions of continuous and discrete time Fourier transform. Nyquist theorem is very important. Know frequency equivalent of time domain operations. Be fluent in writing fourier and inverse fourier equations. Learn about A/D and D/A. Know how DFT and FFT's work and how there're related to basic fourier transforms. Know a bit about wavelets, DCTs, and filter banks. These are very fundemental stuff.
    Dec 11
    • New wGsQ24
      This book is gold. I went from being disillusioned by dsp to loving it.
      Dec 1
  • Northrop Grumman / Eng(Ω,A,μ)
    Just wave it off and tell them its all a bunch of linear operators, trivial
    Dec 10

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