How to quit?

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tl;Dr: how to quit and not burn Bridges?

Yoe < 1
My former boss referred me to a company where his friend works as the only dev (it's a pretty small company).
About 2 months ago, I was taken on as a contract to hire (decision needs to be made in 3 months). Right now I do not have any kind of benefit, healthcare or bonus etc.

I like the people and company but as a CS major, I was not able to digest working on CMS websites as I was working as a backend software dev at my former company and I liked the work.

After about 2 months of rejections, I caved in and took this role but the last company that I interviewed for (a tier 2 tech company) gave me an offer that I simply cannot resist because of the pay, FT job, full stack work on a great team.

I like this company and I know that it is here to stay because the team is actually really good but with my YOE, I really feel like I need to get more exposure in a high pressure environment with challenging tech.

I have already accepted that offer but I have not been able to quit from the contract job. My manager right now is the coolest person ever and has literally invested a lot of time in bringing me up to speed and I have grown a lot as a Dev. I don't think I'll be coming back to the company for work because I'm kinda ambitious but I'd really hate it if it ends in bad taste.

How do I resign in a way that is respectful and doesn't burn any kind of bridge?

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  • Discover Financial Services qwerty-/:
    By being honest and saying that you are leaving because of all the valid reasons you mentioned
    Oct 3 1
  • New / Design cockball
    Tell them youre just doin whats best for you
    Oct 3 1
    • New / Design cockball
      Also tellthem to fuck off
      Oct 3
  • Explain your situation to your manager, don’t tell him you plan to leave right off the bat, instead ask him for advice and come to him as what you are, a newbie. If he genuinely believes you’ll be better off in a high pressure environment he’ll tell you to take it, if not maybe you should consider heeding his advice before you jump onto the high tech bandwagon
    Oct 3 0
  • Adobe OMjv02
    Just quit and explain the situation if you want but not necessary. You’re on contract without benefits right now, won’t be a surprise. Keep in touch with the new manager if you have a good rapport. Congrats on the new job.
    Oct 3 0
  • Veritas / Other 13Jija
    You are just a number on an excel sheet. Highlight all the reasons and if your manager is really cool then he/she will understand.
    Oct 3 0
  • StubHub rugdoctor
    They will understand. It is expected with short term contracts
    Oct 3 0
  • Just do it especially you've accepted the other offer already. Your first resignation would be hard and feels like you've screwed them over. You'll get over it. The company looks out for its best interest; you look out for yours. When those don't align anymore, you part ways: business transaction, that's all. Do send your manager and coworkers thank you cards cuz sounds like you're all getting along. Assure them you're leaving the company not the manager. Write them recommendations on linked in or whatever. No hard feelings when you leave on good terms. They would and should understand and wish you well. If they become nasty, then you've dodged a bullet. So just do it
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  • New 2do
    Yes. Honesty will go long way. And if you like them, try to keep those bridges maintained
    Oct 3 0
  • Amazon / Product TheStreets
    You are on a contract at will. They can fire you for any reason at anytime. You can leave for any reason at anytime.

    Just be honest and let them know that you appreciated the opportunity to work with them.
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