How to slow layoffs in telcos? Ideas?

Verizon F26NmU
Mar 18 4 Comments

We are a huge industry employing millions. I think it's safe to say that if you work for a big telecom company the company you work for is trying really hard to stay lean by investing in all sorts of technologies like AI to cut its employee count. Don't forget all the mergers that are happening or have happened as well.

Given all of this I thought it would be interesting to ask the community whether there are any ideas on what would ease the pressure on 'trying to stay lean' initiatives? Thoughts?


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  • Why do you think the layoffs and mergers are happening? Your business is a commodity. It’s a zero sum business. No one in a garage today can start a telecom company (few like Telnyx are trying). Reflect on what you are actually doing in the company and what it stands for. Just buying shit companies like yahoo and AOL won’t magically make you a grade A tech company. Other than that, customer is king. Listen to them maybe and stop those stupid Verizon charges?
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  • AT&T yYgJ35
    Quit telco and move to a sector that’s actually innovating. Just need enough telco employees exit to other areas at an annual pace greater than what boards reward executives at, right?
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  • Comcast W12LnU
    When I used do work for the FiOS project as an outside contractor, Verizon went from 70 percent contractor to 90 percent in a matter of 5 years. Because the truth was we did the fiber optic planning and design faster, better, and more efficient then their own employees. (We were 3 years ahead of construction toward the end)

    Now I am with Comcast in the same role. My advise to you is think of how to provide value to your team, have initiative and think outside the box. Become an asset and you will always have a place somewhere in the company. I never worry about “job security”. Just keep innovating and look 5 years out to see what skills you may need to stay relevant.
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  • AT&T oooohl
    Worldwide OTT services bro
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