How to "take the leap"

Honeywell overlordx
Jul 30, 2018 4 Comments

Hi everyone,

To keep it short - i'm a bachelor in international business halfway through my career Ive had big regrets of not studying software as I wanted, regardless I finished my bachelors since I was more than halfway through.

I had been an IT commodity manager at global corporations like GE, HON for a total of 4 years already.

Every year I keep having the same regret, i'm only 25 and looking for advice as if it would be possible to land a job around sw Dev if I start learning or if I should think of getting a second degree?



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  • Amazon O0
    Maybe you can try a coding bootcamp. Those won’t get you a faang job, but you might get an ok job at a bank or a medium sized company. Then in your free time study algorithms, leetcode and get into a top company.
    Jul 30, 2018 2
    • Honeywell overlordx
      Great advice - i'll start looking for bootcamps, thanks !
      Jul 30, 2018
    • Google vfd
      It's uncommon, but I know people at FAANG with boot camp backgrounds.
      Jul 30, 2018
  • Google KissMyPiss
    Depends on your intuition and how much you want to learn. Most folks that make it are really interested and get a lot of pet projects going. Curiosity really helps. Don't do it if you only care about money, you will end up pretty disappointed.
    Jul 30, 2018 0