How to you handle farting in an open office?

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Moosejaw, Google
Beware of elves
Mar 13 10 Comments


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    Engineering + Analytics + Tech Entrepreneurship
    Squeeze your bumchicks tight and pump through your abdominal muscles to blast a trrrrap beat.... Aaaah and then do a deep inhale once the gases are diffused. Dial 911 and call for the chemical weapons SWAT Ops team to evacuate your colleagues.
    Mar 131
    • Amazon plqowlo
      Thx so much for this laugh sister~
      Mar 13
  • Leg lift with proper cheek flexing allows for a symphony to permeate the air. I'll typically target the first bar of a Sibelius violin concerto.
    Mar 140
  • OnDeck GPgj02
    I always fart as I exit the elevator. Makes for an awkward ride for the rest of the ppl onboard
    Mar 140
  • OnDeck GPgj02
    Before farting stand up yell out "I AM FARTING IN 5...4....3...2...1..!"
    Mar 140
  • Amazon / EngAnus
    Mar 130
  • New sparked
    Quality flatulence post.
    Mar 130
  • Facebook mr wiggles
    Just don’t do that in the elevators
    Mar 141
    • Sirius XM PaHwlm56
      I thought that’s what they were for?
      Mar 14
  • Google notez
    Go to remote area, move fast, while gassing ;)
    Mar 140

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