How well does the Subaru's EyeSight safety system work?

May 2 10 Comments

Subaru calls their safety system EyeSight which uses two cameras to detect cars in the front. No lidars. I was wondering how well does this work without any lidars? Is there any actual test on road?


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  • Micro Focus / EngPRESTIGE.
    Am I the only one who thinks all these technologies are gimmicks? Like just use your fucking eyes, common sense, and pay attention while you drive. I think the more people rely on these technologies the more careless they actually get.
    May 25
    • Facebook iptv2009
      Yeah. And what’s the deal with this mirror technology in cars? Just use your fucking eyes.

      Who the fuck needs power steering, just fucking go the gym you weaklings.
      May 2
    • Microsoft .exe
      Yeah and what the fuck is up with engines? Just use your feet and pedal yourself. Or even better go Flintstones style wtf
      May 2
    • Micro Focus / EngPRESTIGE.
      lol you know what I meant. Mirrors and power steering are useful. But do you really need EyeSight?
      May 2
    • Netflix nflxos
      You are the only one. I love my lane centering + adaptive cruise control when I’m on a 101 in a traffic. So relaxing. Also, sometimes I’m too lazy to park by hand - I like simply holding a button.
      May 2
    • New VreM84
      Yes, it is helpful. About once every 6 months I get distracted by something and its beeping saves me from a real hard brake.
      May 2
  • Amazon / Eng


    Saved me from rear ending someone once
    May 20
  • Groupon gCnf66
    It works well, and it has full speed range. It’s adaptive cruise control though, not anything too sophisticated, so at least in my car it does just that, plus lets you know if you’re drifting from your lane. I use it a lot, during commute and long trips. It doesn’t work on heavy rain, but then probably you don’t want to use it with that weather.
    May 20
  • New VreM84
    Great safety feature. Except it shuts off during heavy rain/snow when you need it most.
    May 20
  • Google MVou06
    Its not supposed to be an automated driving feature. Every major car manufacturers now have some form of adaptive cruiser control and lka
    May 20

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