How you manage to spend time on leetcode/ctci or anything for interview prep after working 9-5?

Wayfair / Eng IOOH60
Jul 28 14 Comments

Currently I’m trying to gain motivation to do interview prep, tried leetcode for couple of days but stopped it eventually. Then again started with CTCI and trying to go through it but not getting enough motivation.
Has pair programming helped you? If yes how did you found your buddy?
Feel free to share if you have any suggestions.

Dream is to break into FAANG or Uber/Microsoft

TC: 95k
Position: Software engineer (Level 1)


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  • Apple


    I’m a software engineer. Right now my job is focused on full stack web dev but I love everything related to tech
    15 min a day minimum. Aka no more zero days
    Jul 28 0
  • New pwdi15
    Good sw engineers at faang have a killer work rhythm. You need to practice that. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it comes easy. It seems like it’s magic but it’s not. You gotta be hungry, hang out with people who are hungry, it rubs off. Identify things that motivate you and spend more of your time doing them. Take risks. It’s a marathon.
    Jul 28 0
  • Infosys capkirk
    Self discipline and consitency. Think about how you would still be stuck up in the same job/company even after one year if you don't prepare..think about that every minute, every day. Practice 21 day rule. Do leetcode regularly for 21 days. Then don't break the chain. Do this even after you get into FAANG. This is something you should be doing lifelong. CAUSE this is your career. This is your life.
    Jul 28 2
    • Reliable Software / Eng (. .)
      Why are you still at infosys? Just curious. Not to offend or anything. Infosys also has some cool tech but tc wise I guess faang is better. Or Are you already at faang?
      Jul 28
    • Infosys capkirk
      Our campus placements have only these service based companies. Got into Infy after my college. It's been a year and the above comment is my daily mantra😅Trying to get into FAANG as soon as possible. But it's difficult cause I need referrals and yes it's more difficult to practice self discipline. Hope I get into FAANG within three months.
      Jul 28
  • Microsoft / IT

    Microsoft IT

    Water, food, shelter, workout and leetcode!
    Jul 28 0
  • Google eK8vhD
    Solve just one problem a day.

    It's like losing weight, persistence and routines matter more than over doing it once and burning out.
    Jul 28 0
  • Randstad / Ops

    Randstad Ops

    Tech recruiter
    Don't sound too motivated to make a change then if you "can't find the time"
    Jul 28 0
  • Workday / Eng reactjs
    Pair programming for leetcode didn’t really help personally, as really it just created a situation where we would lose focus after awhile and just talk to my partner about pseudo related topics / work / life.

    The motivation has to come from within, no one can or will force you to leetcode. If your dream is top companies, and there are no barriers in your way that would otherwise prevent you from practicing, then go on and do it!
    Jul 28 0
  • Neurocrine MAGA.
    Wanna pair program?
    Jul 28 3
    • Reliable Software / Eng (. .)
      Is there a discord or slack for this? Would be interested in multi pair program... Essentially an online boot camp if you will
      Jul 28
    • Ooma, Inc. / Eng germsheppo
      There is a discord that is extremely discordant lol
      Jul 28
    • Wayfair / Eng IOOH60
      Yes I would like to pair program. Let's see what all the fuss is about
      Jul 29
  • Xilinx / Eng mkdirr
    I need this too
    Jul 28 0


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