How's Affirm doing?

Samsung / Product OVPp61
May 22 3 Comments

Hi Folks - looking for comments from people who work at Affirm. How's the company doing? What's the like? They recently raised $300M, how's this going to help the company? Do you think they are doing a good job?


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  • Affirm Jqha54
    Doing great. I can see it IPO in three years
    May 23 1
    • Samsung / Product OVPp61
      Can you talk a bit about the team and culture? I notice most of their product team is inexperienced. What's it like working with folks from banking?
      May 23
  • Affirm AffirmX
    Yup, very likely Affirm will IPO in ~3 years. Full of smart+humble+young folks here. Many ex-FAANGs joining the company. Culture is great - work hard, take time off. No Qs asked, but might also depend on your manager.

    Already expanding nationally and internationally. Many big players have validated monthly installments as a concept.

    It's all a matter of time! I am optimistic overall.
    Aug 2 0