How's Day 19 of the GM Strike?

Ford Aa80wR
Oct 4 11 Comments


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  • Fiat Chrysler xcleet
    I am not against the idea of union, but UAW is a piece of work.
    Oct 4 0
  • Fiat Chrysler xcleet
    I think their demands are borderline childish. Who guarantees raises and bonuses? Fucking engineers don't make so much money as much as these guys do for not working at all.
    Oct 4 4
    • Tesla Bigballer
      Maybe if engineers unionized, you could collectively bargain for guaranteed raises and bonuses.
      Oct 4
    • Fiat Chrysler xcleet
      Is that the plan for Tesla?
      Oct 4
    • General Motors ganbadei
      Lol I borderline agree even tho that may make some people think Iโ€™m cold blooded. Like cmon I didnโ€™t go thru years of math training for nothing
      Oct 4
    • General Motors whofarted2
      @tesla - how about I donโ€™t need a union because my performance and value speaks for itself? I get raises and advancements all the time - no need to float that on the average of my peers.
      Oct 6
  • General Motors baggio
    If this drags on to November, things are going to get ugly - including the supplier network.
    Oct 4 0
  • Fiat Chrysler xcleet
    Oct 4 0
  • Intel MurthysLaw
    How much are these workers going to lose as a result of not working? 19 days is 5% of the year
    Oct 4 1
    • Cruise Automation hqudy651
      They're paid something like 80 (maybe 60?) percent of their salary during the strike.
      Oct 9
  • Ford HEIA41
    Uaw denied the latest offer from GM and other automotive companies are waiting to sign the contract
    Oct 4 0


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