Hows apple siri team

Amazon Shaa
Mar 24 6 Comments

Would like to dig more about siri team culture, hows the work life balance, team member, manager and so on? Probably also want to know more about seattle office, cause this position is located in seattle


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  • Apple / Eng cho Chang
    High TC, if you’re going for an ML/AI role.
    Mar 24 1
    • Amazon Shaa
      This is a role for siri backend, not an ml or ai, apart from this, hows the team culture?
      Mar 24
  • Apple / Eng KyBQ02
    siri sucks balls, i work at apple but would never work on that turd
    Mar 29 2
    • Amazon Shaa
      What is the reason?
      Apr 8
    • Amazon Shaa
      If so, have you chage a job?
      Apr 8
  • Apple RXtA67
    Depends on the manager. DM me.
    Apr 3 0