How’s life at Adobe, especially Seattle?

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Mar 14 2 Comments

I haven’t seen much chatter about Adobe. I’m impressed with their AI/ML products and love using Creative Cloud. Curious what people think of working there.

Here are some things I’m wondering about.

- Culture
- work/life balance
- pace of innovation
- How the pay and benefits compare to Microsoft for Sr. PMs
- What’s it like to work in the Seattle office?
- Any insights into the interview process.

Thanks in advance!

TC: $207k ($153k / $23k / $31k)
YOE: 8
L63 Sr. PM


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  • Adobe noMoreLC
    Pay is good. I have 2 yoe and my TC with stock appreciation is 200k+. I can’t comment for Seattle since I work in SJ.

    I would join adobe only if you’re working on an interesting team. Culture, work load, and overall innovation vary drastically by team, so make sure you join a team that actually interests you. If you are a hard worker, you can progress quickly as the overall culture is pretty laidback like MSFT.

    Interviews vary by team as there’s no standard process. Each team typically does a mixture of design and algo rounds, assuming you’re a SWE.
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  • Oracle @?!,.:/
    If you are impressed then they must be doing something good.
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