How’s my comp look?

Cisco Ciscoooooo
Mar 3 11 Comments

G8 @ Cisco RTP - Data Science

Base 105
Bonus 12% (~22% last three years)
Stock 250 RSUs/yr

TC ~$140k/yr

Any room for improvement? Other companies paying more in RTP?


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  • Facebook mjAj60
    There is a problem with these types of questions.. unless you work for a high payer like Netflix or something, then it's 100% chance people will say you can make more. It can ruin your happiness
    Mar 3 5
    • Okta doomsday
      Mar 3
    • Bvtly
      Well said 👏
      Mar 3
    • Intel Intelegacy
      Considering the location, I would say it’s a good pay
      Mar 3
    • Intel ArminVanBu
      ^^ agree under 30yo making 140k in Raleigh is not as far off from most of these mid200s TC in bay area as you'd think. Your COL is substantially less.
      Mar 3
    • Cisco Ciscoooooo
      Eh, I was looking specific to NC. I don’t think I’d ever move to the Bay or NYC or Seattle. Not for me, really. Therefore, I won’t be getting Netflix or FANG comp, which I’m fine with.

      I was just wondering about RTP and if there are any better paying companies. I am happy with what I’m doing, but it’s always good to keep your eyes open.

      Thanks for your post!
      Mar 3
  • It’s Cisco bro
    Mar 3 0
  • Pinterest DHjn11
    where are you?
    Mar 3 0
  • Intel Intelegacy
    Never knew RSU is part of compensation in CIsco. BTW DM ed you
    Mar 3 0
  • Pendo pays better
    Mar 3 0
  • High for Raleigh
    Mar 3 0