How's the Data Management or ETL services team at Salesforce

Dialpad PIow58
Feb 6 4 Comments

I saw a position for the data management / ETL services team at Salesfroce. Just wondering if anyone heard about those teams ? Or if anyone went though the interviews and how was the interview?


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    It’s very good team - lot of data prep being moved to Apache Spark and exposing ML libraries for Einstein data prep work
    Feb 10 1
    • Dialpad PIow58
      I think the team that is working with Spark is the new Analytics team but per my discussion with the HR this is the old team in SF. Do you know what should I expect in my interview? I read here that some interviews at Salesforce are easy and some for the infra team not that much.
      Feb 13
  • Mule?
    Feb 6 1
    • Dialpad PIow58
      I don't think so. They have a team "data management" that does ETL and prep tasks for datasets and they are part of the bigger Einestine team.
      Feb 9