How's the WLB in Spotify, Cambridge?

Amazon / Enguser67
Jan 21 8 Comments

Engineering roles specifically

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TOP 8 Comments
  • Amazon / Enguser67
    9-5 feasible?
    Jan 213
    • Spotify iPNh35
      Lol are you kidding half the leads do half days constantly and nobody cares. New York takes sick days like you wouldn't believe and nobody cares. You get away with a lot more if you have kids though
      Jan 22
    • Spotify / EngVnEB34
      It's part of the culture since the beginning, and it's why we've been so successful.
      Jan 23
    • Amazon / Enguser67
      That sounds like a dream
      Jan 25
  • Amazon / Engtenders
    Good, you can just listen to music all day
    Jan 210
  • Spotify JkvF87
    I don't think we have engineers in Cambridge..
    Feb 70
  • Spotify WizzAir
    Jan 210
  • Spotify / Engqbeforeu
    Jan 210

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