How’s the new iPad Pro as a lightweight laptop replacement?

Amazon boopydoopy
Mar 4 5 Comments

I play PC games so I have a windows desktop computer with multiple monitors, nice peripherals, etc. I have a MacBook for work and use an iPhone.

I haven’t bought a personal laptop since the 2011 MacBook Air, and I kind of want one for traveling and using around the house.

Is the new 11” iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard a reasonable laptop replacement for an Apple fanboy who just wants to use it for casual web browsing, streaming and such?

I’m looking at over $1000 price tag for the 256gb version and a keyboard which seems kind of insane for a tablet, but I honestly think for my needs the tablet form factor would be more convenient than a laptop.

Anyone using their iPad Pro for similar use case and likes or regrets it?


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  • Microsoft / Eng bebK16
    Buy a Surface 6
    Mar 4 0
  • Mode DvVM00
    tablet is completely different use case than a computer. even if you live in the browser the mobile web is not nearly as useful as the real web. eg try attaching a file to an email.

    apple has a generous return policy so just try it
    Mar 4 0
  • New


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    sex on the beach
    Buy a Thinkpad
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  • Microsoft whymsft
    I have a 13” iPad Pro (gen 2, not the latest gen) with Logitech keyboard. It’s not a laptop replacement. It can do most of the basics but the iOS version of many productivity software just doesn’t cut it
    Mar 4 0
  • Google vcxP76
    In the past I tried using the old smaller pro as a replacement for a laptop and it didn’t work for me. The keyboard is too cramped and the screen is too small for the split screen to really be useful.

    Surprisingly though I found it useful as an ssh terminal for short administrative tasks.
    Mar 4 0