How’s your experience with Zillow for H1B?

Oracle YUcb24
May 31 10 Comments

What would Zillow do if you don’t get H1B?

Do they let go the employee since they don’t have offices outside US?


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  • New / Consultant

    New Consultant

    Always looking how to do Business better.
    No to Zillow. Just no!
    May 31 1
  • Zillow Group / Eng what-merit
    They have an office in Vancouver
    May 31 5
    • Oracle YUcb24
      Why aren’t there anyone working from Vancouver?
      May 31
    • New pbYo77
      It's a newer office
      May 31
    • Oracle YUcb24
      The point is would they be relocating to Vancouver or would they just fire the employee? And how do you know? Are you an employee at Zillow?
      May 31
    • New pbYo77
      I live in Vancouver and had never seen their postings on Glassdoor before. I work with a real estate firm here (think Zillow's competition) and know that they have recently been trying to enter the Canadian market, which might also explain why they opened up a Vancouver office.
      Someone from Zillow can clarify. Sorry can't answer the questions regarding relocation.
      May 31
    • Oracle YUcb24
      Well point is I want to take Zillow’s offer but I’m worried that if they would let the employee go if he or she won’t get H1B three times. Then I won’t even have a job. At least with Microsoft or Google or Amazon I would have a job in some other country.
      May 31
  • Zillow Group m4567
    I recently got my H1B moved to Zillow and it is very smooth with out any issue/ queries / denail.
    Jun 2 1
    • Oracle techlord
      Hi, but I still need to get H1B. What would they do if I don’t get H1B? Other companies send me to Canada and bring me back on L1 and keep applying H1B. What would Zillow do? They won’t let go off the employee right?
      Jun 2


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