Huawei Held Accountable

Microsoft Hyad70
May 15 16 Comments

I would like to hear the 21+ Democrats' policy stances on stopping Chinese spying.

Poll: Agree or Disagree with the CIA/Trump?



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  • LinkedIn cd-
    Are there proof that Huawei is spying?
    May 15 11
    • Microsoft Vbsm66
      @Hyad70 The US Intelligence community has also stated that Russia hacked the election and Trump is being blackmailed with pee pee tapes, but I don't see Republicans supporting that 😂
      May 15
    • Microsoft Vbsm66
      Also there's more evidence provided to the public on Russian spying and pee pee tapes than what has been provided for Huawei spying
      May 15
    • Microsoft Hyad70
      @Humankind: "Market meddling" is an opinion. As for Bolton, he is hawkish, but he and more importantly, Trump is not looking for a ground war with the terrorist state if Iran - the MSM is promoting that for political positioning. And as for Russia, just wait for the AG's investigation - or as we like to call it Operation Boomerang. I think Comey and Clapper were sighted on a plane to Argentina earlier today.
      May 15
    • Microsoft hümänkïnd
      “(...) as we like to call it Operation Boomerang (...)”
      Don’t try this at home kid, you just gonna hurt your gonads.

      “(...) I think Comey and Clapper were sighted on a plane to Argentina earlier today.”
      That’s the kind of visions you get when doing crack or when pissing in a Palantír. I go for the former.
      May 15
    • Microsoft Hyad70
      Great insight :-)
      May 16
  • Credit Karma EllisDee25
    I disagree with the CIA and Trump in many things, but I have read nothing with any evidence one way or another in this particular case.

    It doesn’t seem implausible considering how much spying the CIA and other US agencies do.

    Seems silly for the US to get upset about spying.
    May 15 0
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    • New / Eng / ÷
      Dont forget Democrats, who's political position is 'We disagree with Trump'.
      May 15
  • HPE / Product

    HPE Product

    I had Huawai steal the design for one of my products, which was my intellectual property, and launch the exact same product! You want proof, I Have It!
    May 15 0