Hudson River Trading (HRT) Online Coding Assessment

New ovGu51
Nov 3 7 Comments

Do you need a 100% in the online test to advance to the next round?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • New fnn
    Mine was a c++ assignment
    Nov 3 3
    • New ovGu51
      What was your score and did you qualify to the next round?
      Nov 3
    • New fnn
      Didn’t get a score, probably different test. Made it to onsite but failed
      Nov 3
    • Jump Trading / Eng

      Jump Trading Eng

      You do not need a 100%.
      Nov 3
  • Facebook phosphor
    I had 100% and still got rejected :P
    Nov 13 0
  • Hudson River Trading MHBQ16
    Depends on the role, but I personally don't require 100%. Mostly just want to make sure a candidate isn't gonna waste interviewer time
    Nov 5 0
  • Microsoft micrusade2
    My friend got rejected after coding test. He didn't do 100% coding. I don't think it was even 80%.
    Nov 3 0


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