I feel soo tired after 5 pm. What should I do?

PayPal qphkzhsbws
Mar 13 20 Comments

I wake up at 7 am. No matter what I spend the entire day on, I'm tired. Joined hobby classes still no fun.
I'm in bay area.
Should I go to a doc?


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  • Microsoft Darth G
    I’m in the same boat. Are you in Seattle? Some people say it’s vitamin D deficiency. I think it’s depression and or burn out
    Mar 130
  • Nvidia bdei51
    Work out and sleep well. Start by running a few minutes in the mornings. Don't eat sweets. don't eat a lot. Drink lots of water. And as others suggested, get checked to see if there is a deficiency
    Mar 132
    • Microsoft / ProductAzgardian
      Get yourself checked. It seems like vitamin B12, D or Iron deficiency.
      Mar 13
    • Cadence / ProductBettyBabe
      Mar 13
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  • PayPal qphkzhsbws
    I'll get it checked with doc. I'm kinda new to the medical system here. Whom should I contact? My pcp or specialist?
    Also, if I have depression how should I seek help and from whom?
    Mar 132
    • DocuSign gaspare5
      If you have insurance, your provider might have resources. Kaiser has a mental health care section.
      Mar 13
    • Cognizant / ITfris-b
      Go to pcp first and he can suggest a specialist if thats required. Good luck
      Mar 14
  • Oath PhotoFame
    Start 30 minutes workout every morning you will notice considerable difference pretty soon. Just try out for a week. Workout as in cardio like running or walking. How old are you and how is WLB ?
    Mar 130
  • Apple Wapple
    Welcome to life.
    Mar 130
  • StubHub jg9dgm
    Sounds like burn out
    Mar 130
  • Intel 1090SC
    Cognitive fatigue. Yes like burnout but not entirely that... More than that.

    It means your mind an body need a new circadian rhythm and also new work... not just hobby.
    Mar 130
  • DocuSign gaspare5
    Talk to a doctor and get an official diagnosis. It'll help more than a couple of random opinions. I'm in the same boat.
    Mar 130
  • PayPal battlecruz
    Do a medical check up?
    Mar 130
  • Intel / Eng


    logic design Engineer. other interests photography, travelling, hiking, exotic food, tech. travelled 30+ countries and 7 continents.
    Yes to dr
    Mar 130
  • Google blazerrun
    Take nap at 1/2 pm. As per ur wake up time 7am, u should take a nap at 2pm for half an hour. It will be change ur rest of the day.
    Mar 160
  • Glassdoor eee3
    Ask for a pay increase, money solves fatigue as well as all other problems
    Mar 140
  • Pandora Yenk
    You might need to get your thyroid levels checked and see a doctor.
    Mar 130
  • Amdocs


    12+ yoe same company
    Mar 130
  • Cognizant / ITfris-b
    Get check up done for b12 and d3 vitamin. Enroll for gym make sure you go atleast 4 days evenif its for 30mins. With in 2 weeks you will feel better.
    Mar 130

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