I got laid off from a tech company in gainesville FL.

New RtLh64
Jan 27 13 Comments

I am on h1b and only have 60 days to find a job. Need help. I am a software engineer. I am devastated and completely lost all hope.


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  • eBay #yolo
    Sorry to hear that. Don't lose hope! I can refer you. Please DM me.
    Jan 270
  • Veritas 13Jija
    First, I was not aware that H1B guys have 60 days to find job in the US. This is new knowledge for me. I was under the impression that we go out of status immediately if we are laid off.

    Second, ask your company to keep you on the payroll for the period which your severance package can cover.
    Jan 270
  • Amazon Kid123
    DM me I can refer you. Good luck
    Jan 270
  • Google mird
    Sorry to hear. You should still put this into perspective. If you can’t find a job, you will just go back to India or China and find opportunities there. Unless you are from Afghanistan or a African country, there might be opportunities in your home country and it may be a blessing in disguise
    Jan 270
  • LinkedIn gump
    Sorry you are in this situation. Layoffs happen for a business need. Don’t take it personally. Chin up and move on. First negotiate to replace upfront severance for employment for the same number of months. Explain your situation to your manager or HR. That will give you time to interview.
    Jan 270
  • Indeed DStranger5
    DM and I'll see if I can help
    Jan 281
    • New RtLh64
      Hey it's says you don't accept private messages
      Jan 28
  • Goldman Sachs SsyE57
    Dm for referral
    Feb 110
  • Amazon netscapeOG
    What tech companies are there in Gainesville? I’m familiar with the university area.
    Feb 40
  • Microsoft mr_finch
    Sorry to hear that. I can help with Microsoft if you need a referral. All the best!
    Jan 270
  • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
    PM me for referral in my company in Bay Area.
    Jan 270
  • Amadeus Trick2g
    Dm me for referral in the Bay Area.
    Jan 270
  • Walmart.com s2a7
    If you are confident about your software engineering skills, just go out there and get yourself a new job. DM your CV to me if u want to consider Walmart Labs
    Jan 270

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