I got my employment green card in

Microsoft Lazys
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  • New flippy
    Poll choices should be:

    1yr (fast)
    1.5yr (average time)
    2 to 3yr (slow)
    4 to 6yr (China)
    7+ yr (pre 2010 Indian)
    Doomed (post 2010 Indian)

    I wonder if Indians truly understand how devastating AC21 was to the India queue. It wasn't so bad for Indians before that. It really enabled the body shoppers to spam the system in a true denial of service attack.
    Feb 93
    • Lyft TEHm35
      What’s ac21?
      Feb 9
    • New flippy
      The law that allows you to extend an h1b indefinitely with i140.

      The consulting body shops aggressively exploit that to maximize the numbers of people they can import. Works well for their business and they don't care about greencards just more bodies for more contracts.

      The result is the queue grows like crazy.

      Before AC21 the India queue was a few years but people did get their greencards.
      Feb 10
  • Amazon / EngxgIO00
    Do you mean EAD or GC?
    Feb 100

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