I have been putting close to 12 hrs per day for the last week to support a very critical project

Samsung uriI37
Feb 10 13 Comments

No complaints but how to subtly show my hard work to upper mgmt.


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    New Eng

    Might be on a tangent, but do you think there is substantial benefit in showing it to the upper management? I've been in your shoes before - working my ass off on something and thinking that it'll be viewed in a positive light, and while it has been well received and acknowledged (mostly), I've never really gotten any tangible gains out of it. Just my two cents.
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    • Uber Chonk
      I agree. It might just highlight your Managers incompetence of not planning well enough for this critical project. Though you might be acknowledged for your hard work, the project can still be seen as a failure.
      Feb 10
  • Pandora .
    You mean show it to Korea ?
    Feb 10 1
    • Samsung uriI37
      No local mgmt...
      Feb 10
  • New / Eng / /
    You just wasted 4*7(or 5?) hours of your life. Small price for a long term life lesson.
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  • Amazon sk3110
    Send mails with impacts to your manager and upper management.
    To make it more impactful send mails in odd hours.. lol
    Feb 10 0
  • SendGrid girvssi
    when your manager leaves, make an effort to say bye, do this enough you establish yourself as a "hard" worker
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  • You work for Samsung. This is expected. Thousands of Samsung employees working 12-14 hours a day. Why are you so special?
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  • Microsoft
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    Management doesn’t care how much effort you put in
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  • Cloudera / Eng 80t3n9
    Automate things that needs same repeated support. Then you won’t spend 12 hours.
    I know it’s easier said than done but that’s the only thing you, your team and management will appreciate in long run.
    Feb 10 0
  • Quanergy Systems w52fg
    All you need to do is walk by their offices all the time when you're at work.
    Feb 11 1
  • Unity breadz
    They don’t care sorry
    Feb 11 0