I only had one question asked during fb phone screen :(

Chase / Eng piv
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5 min introduction by both. Then 3 min question description and clarification. An LC medium, I gave a fairly straightforward solution in about 10 mins. Then spent 2 mins walking through (simulating) the solution per request. Then he started drilling very deeply about time and space complexity, spent 15 mins answering it and got tripped up a bit but corrected my self given hints. Then he says how can we optimize a bit more, which I tried to give an iterative answer that is same time complexity but avoids stack overflow obviously, didn't have time to finish it as we have only less than 10 mins left and he said ok he got my idea.

Is this bad?


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  • Cruise Automation ikigai
    No, it’s not.
    A phone screen is only a first estimate if you have the skills and mindset to be successful in an on site interview since those take up to a full day (which are a lot of resources the company is willing to spent on).

    So as long as you showed that you are thinking before coding (and not just brute forcing), coding in an acceptable speed, and knowing what’s happening under the hood, you are fine.

    Even if you don’t get to the solution you can get an interview as long as you give the interviewer the confidence that you actually know your things.

    Also it really really depends on who your interviewer is. Since you mostly get only one phone screen per company it’s sometimes a hit and miss. You can get accepted by one interviewer and rejected by another even if you performed in exactly the same way.

    So don’t read too much into it. Work on what you fee you can improve, and even if you don’t get an invite just keep interviewing. Also every company has a cool down period so you can try again, and you will most likely end up with a different interviewer.

    Also don’t be scared that you are not prepared. Interviewing is a skill like coding itself, and there are more companies out there than you could apply to in your life time.

    I’m sure you can do it :)
    Jul 2 1
    • Capital One

      Capital One

      Hello, I like turtles.
      You're a positive person. Thanks I needed that!
      Jul 2
  • Google əๅɓoo⅁
    I also only got one. Went on to the onsite.
    Should not be a problem.
    Jul 2 2
  • Facebook gb94Fs
    We allow phone screens candidates to have non optimal or unfinished answers. It is like the easy mode that a lot of people pass. So most likely you will go onsite, but it will be much harder
    Jul 2 0
  • Enthought / Eng 00001111
    This sounds like a decent performance from what you said, however not enough info to be sure. It really depends on what your interviewer thought
    Jul 2 0


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