I see many people with laptop in Starbucks shop

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Jun 29 16 Comments

As in question, I see many people seating with laptop open . I am curious why do people prefer working from Starbucks instead of from their home.


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  • Facebook cuck
    I can't work at home, I just jack off all day.
    Jun 29 1
    • Arcesium tVdC57
      The accuracy 😂😂😂
      Jun 29
  • Change of scenery.
    Different types of distractions (I can’t decide to just do laundry or sit on the couch etc.)
    Jun 29 0
  • Amazon 🍋banana
    At home there are distractions. Spouse. Kids etc. plus in Starbucks you have to go relatively dressed up. No pajamas. Change of scenery. Also social setting for you to work hard, namely other seemingly hard working laptop users, just like home gym is rarely used. Of course double shot coffee.
    Jun 29 0
  • Amazon / Eng jHUS45
    Fresh environment with no judgement
    Jun 29 0
  • Oath Atinlay2
    You just be the guy who stares.
    Jun 29 0
  • Amazon / Eng eztP64
    At home it's way too easy to take a nap or smoke a little weed or do chores or about 1000 other non-productive things. At Starbucks I'm limited to people watching or fucking around on my phone. Which I do on the office anyway.
    Jun 30 2
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      Why do you own a home if you can’t be left alone in it? Think about it
      Jun 30
    • Amazon / Eng eztP64
      What do you mean? I live alone. There is never anyone else there.
      Jun 30
  • New / Eng PQQw63
    I like the white noise at a coffee shop.

    Get caffeinated.
    Put a low-noise cancellation headphone on.

    => 10x more productive.
    Jun 29 0
  • New / Eng kebabby
    Free refills
    Jun 29 0
  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    They don’t have a proper home with a study room.
    Jun 29 3
    • Amazon / Eng eztP64
      Even with a room to work in at home, my bed and kitchen and personal computer and TV would still all be 10 steps away. Way too many distractions regardless. I'm not that disciplined.
      Jun 30
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      It doesn’t make a sense. You have terabit internet, gigapixel screen and hundred core pc in study, you can put any temperature in it, it’s quiet as cemetery, you tell me there’s a better place to work? Something doesn’t add up
      Jun 30
    • Amazon / Eng eztP64
      To me, there aren't many places that aren't better to work. I'm easily distracted, so sitting in my apartment which is, by design, full of all of my favorite distractions is an exceptionally poor work environment for me. I'd much rather be in the office or at Starbucks or sitting really anywhere with a table and WiFi that's not my apartment.
      Jun 30
  • SAP just10?
    Because it's always high with caffeine!
    Jun 29 0


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