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Adobe cbz
Nov 9 17 Comments

I have 7 years of experience in Machine learning. I have worked on CNN, NLP, traditional ML in domains like ecommerce, enterprise software, telecom, banking. Pay what you want. I have conducted 30+ ML interviews.


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  • Salesforce peaceguy
    Is ML just hype and marketing or does it actually add any iota of value in Tech companies ?
    I am considering Finance trading companies here.
    Say for eg, sentiment detection can be done using simple word vector and it still works decent
    Nov 9 15
    • Salesforce peaceguy
      I even understand PCA, SVD, LDA, SVM with complete intuition.
      Also my above algo would definitely come closer in accuracy to other overfitted fancy algos
      Nov 9
    • New / R&D tonyperkin
      Salesforce, you just described knn, an ml algo. The main thing is how you determine your vectors and your metric so you can measure distance and that distance is meaningful. ML is a lot of hype but it still has it's uses.
      Nov 9
    • Tubular Labs MSjy44
      Don't think PCA, SVD, LDA, SVM are the same ML used for building word vectors (if you are talking about word embedding)
      Nov 9
    • Google / Eng cigsinside
      It is just hype, people here get butthurt when they hear that because they've dedicated years of their life to ML
      Nov 9
    • Stripe HGGg12
      Word2vec is equivalent to factorizing a co-ocurrence matrix
      Nov 9
  • Uber ihfki65
    I haven’t worked with cbz, but had some good mocks through PracticeCodingInterview.com and Pramp.com. For example, http://www.practicecodinginterview.com/blog/2019/7/3/the-machine-learning-interview
    Nov 11 0


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