I want to get to FAANG asap...

New askalq1
Jul 31 24 Comments

I know it might sound a little dumb but I’m a new grad and I really want to work at one of FAANG... except fb amazon but especially Google and Netflix. Good benefits, the smartest people in the team, and free lunches seem too good.. How do I get there? How long should I work at the first (current) company so I can start thinking about getting interviews at tier 1 companies?

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  • Oracle azingazuma
    Open a web browser and type in www.google.com or www.netflix.com. Easiest way to get there. All the best!
    Jul 31 1
    • New askalq1
      Lol thank you!
      Jul 31
  • Facebook LAkM57
    Leetcode for a few months. Congrats you can now work at faang.
    Jul 31 4
  • Facebook MobbDeep
    It’s not faang if you take out fb and amazon. U want to work at nag
    Aug 1 0
  • Google Larry Pаge
    dm me
    Jul 31 3
  • New grad? Start your own design company (on the side maybe) and become moderately successful. Go through the whole process of it and make a little bit of money. Should take 1-2 years.

    Then you apply to FAANG and they’ll happily take you.
    Aug 1 3
    • New askalq1
      Wow never thought of that way
      Aug 1
    • New askalq1
      Sounds like an interesting plan! Is that what u did?
      Aug 1
    • Sorta, but for engineers the my want to see you grinder LC enough.
      Aug 1
  • New VYIl03
    Seems like the easiest way is to network and get a referral
    Jul 31 2
    • Amazon / Eng TC100kYoE0
      How do you know OP is called as Lee?
      Aug 1
    • New VYIl03
      Whoops...autocorrect at 1am 🙄
      Aug 1
  • Snapchat Tonban
    Care about your craft, success will follow.
    Aug 1 0
  • Alibaba Group / Eng cGQE02
    Me too
    Aug 1 0
  • Google topCon
    Google located in mountain view. Netflix is Los Gatos. Apple is Cupertino.

    Download Google map. It'll give you turn by turn steps to get there

    You're welcome
    Aug 1 0


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