IBM Coding Interview

New ksdm11
Apr 2 10 Comments

I have an online coding Interview for SDE on hackerrank platform after two days. Need to know whether I’ll be asked any questions about OS, Dbs, etc. beside coding questions..


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  • Facebook Probe
    I didn't know Hackerrank supported punch cards.
    Apr 2 3
    • Amazon smolfagr
      Apr 2
    • IBM / Eng 8====>
      Take your upvote and fuck off.
      Apr 3
    • New


      The salt
      Apr 3
  • Yep. I was specifically told do not need to do coding tests. Just ask based on experience
    Apr 10 2
    • New Mmvd23!
      Its been a week and I haven’t heard anything back from them. How long do they take to give the results?
      Apr 10
    • Usually 1-2 weeks
      Apr 10
  • Mostly just algorithms and DS questions. I also suggest brushing up basic SQL, I've heard they sometimes come up.
    Apr 8 2
    • New ksdm11
      Was expecting something like that, instead the Interviewer says let’s just talk about your experiences and projects..
      Apr 9
    • Typical. The bar is so low on some of the engineering teams... they’ll hire purely based on paper experience.
      Apr 9