IC5 vs IC6 Admin, Executive / Administrative Assistant

6sense Ubuntu
Dec 26, 2018 2 Comments

Anyone have insight to share from FB, Google, LinkedIn, or Salesforce?

Base, bonus, RSUs, sign on, etc.
VP or CLevel support?
Flexibility in base and stock + other possible levers to pull?


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  • Visa / Admin

    Visa Admin

    My sister is at Google and gets $92k salary plus OT rate + stock + bonus
    Aug 9 0
  • Salesforce mb0
    FB: $92k hourly for most admin roles + stock + 10% bonus
    Google: $80k hourly + stock + bonus; TC can go up to $100k
    LI: $120k hourly + stock + bonus
    SFDC: $115-$125k hourly + 10% bonus

    C-level EA roles are rare unicorns to come by. Most HMs look for 5+ YOE
    Aug 4 0