IPOs 2019 - BYND crushed Uber & Lyft

Nvidia ML👍
Jun 5 14 Comments

Market knows the true value

IPOs 2019 - BYND crushed Uber & Lyft


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  • Oracle pzd
    To me, that just says beyond didn't do a great job of pricing their IPO.
    Jun 5 8
    • Uber
      TC || 👉


      TC || 👉more
      Cool story bro. Source?
      Jun 5
    • Nvidia ML👍
      Check it should be 110 billion max
      Jun 5
    • Uber f7d83fju
      Taxi industry doesn’t deliver food. Prob should add that.
      Jun 5
    • Uber kasrows
      Taxi industry != Total addressable market
      Jun 5
    • Google gtbhthyndj
      ML: that's a good point. Based on the news reports they expect the market to grow to 285B in the next 13 years but agreed that such a calculation is very speculative.
      Jun 6
  • Airbnb nbhnc
    Beyond’s product isn’t even very good compared to something like Impossible Foods
    Jun 5 1
    • Uber f7d83fju
      Agree but at least with beyond you can throw it on your bbq grill. With impossible you can’t yet, it crumbles. You can only grill it on a flat pan. That’s why you can’t by it at the grocery store yet
      Jun 5
  • Uber f7d83fju
    Beyond is crazy. Nestle just announced a competitor product. Is there really a defensible moat?
    Jun 5 0
  • New


    beyond is a beast. i am surprised Pinterest is up 36%, another overvalued company.
    Jun 5 0
  • Microsoft tfsUEwWt
    Beyond's pending implosion will be epic.
    Jun 5 0