Idea & funding, but not confident about team

Amazon sonJnow
May 2 5 Comments

I have a startup idea and I also know few people who are willing to seed fund.
But I do not have a team and I am not very confident about building a strong team (with fang standards)
Should I pursue it and hope to get people as I go?


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  • Internet Brands Honolulu
    Faang standards = 200 LC Mediums
    May 2 0
  • I mean if it's a web app or mobile app, you can launch and see if people like it. Also team will come, if you can build the whole MVP on your own, just do it. If you need help like front end or native, get a friend or some like minded people to build it. Thinking prematurely about team for an imaginary company doesn't make sense

    Also, pm me if you need to talk more, been there done that
    May 2 0
  • rand.randm
    Start with the best you can recruit. Even the unicorns of today were able to recruit The best when they were on breakout trajectory.
    May 10 0
  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

    EY, IBM, Financial Times, Google
    Founder with Interests in investing, energy, crypto, cannabis, tech. Multiple startups, I enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs.
    There are a thousand prospects on Blind. Who are you looking for?
    May 5 0
  • Microsoft gfba68
    FANG standard is overkill and in fact might be a hinderance at first
    May 2 0