If I got unemployed , what is the cheapest and good medical insurance ?

New / EngFAANG_
Mar 5 6 Comments

I am searching for a good but cheap medical insurance to participate for me and my family .
Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance


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  • Microsoft / Datachsm
    We Americans believe in Survival of the Fittest. We have no sympathy for the weak, poor and unemployed.
    Mar 50
  • New / Engsparked
    How long are you going to be unemployed? Also what’s the makeup of your family?

    If you’re going to be unemployed for a short amount of time you can apply for cobra benefits retroactively up to 90 days after loss of benefits*

    *info may not be entirely accurate and you should evaluate yourself

    If you’re going to be unemployed long term you should look at getting a high deductible catastrophic plan and look at negotiating directly with providers for the day to day. I know some of the reddit subs related to FIRE have good info on this
    Mar 50
  • New / EngFAANG_
    For couple of months , I plan to quit my job to have time for studying and applying for FAANG
    Mar 52
    • Cadence Sandal
      Dont do it. Dont quit you are risking your family. Find an alternative way to prepare without cutting you cashflow. Its too risky and nothing is guaranteed. Google for example has a super slow process others might reject you as well.. whats plan B?
      Mar 5
    • Not worth it. Why try so hard for fang? You may not even get an interview
      Mar 5
  • Google QkEh13
    Medicaid is available if you have no income and live on savings.
    Mar 60

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