If true then how is Bing any different from Google, in Principle?

Microsoft Sam-I-Am
Nov 28, 2018 10 Comments

According to Microsoft's most recent "Content Removal Requests Report," China's requests to remove/filter out content from Bing results (and OneDrive content takedowns) made up 85% of all total take-downs in just a six-month period.

Out of the 586 successful government content-removal requests through June of this year, China accounts for a whopping 502 of them. The remaining 84 are split up among 10 other countries on this report.

Serious question.... apart from the fact that Microsoft never marketed itself as the "Don't Be Evil" company, is the company *truly* distinguishing itself from Google's censored-search practices in China in any way that matters? And if so, are we truly different in kind, or just in degree?

And yeah, I'm making this open for discussion under Topics, because we've trashed on Google for (theoretically) this same thing, and it's better that we understand the complete picture before we operate under false illusions on what's actually happening in the industry.



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TOP 10 Comments
  • McAfee JohnMcPee
    Bing = amazing for searching porn

    Google = amazing for everything else
    Nov 28, 2018 0
  • Microsoft / Eng kejriwal
    Because nobody uses bing, so it doesn't matter what content is there or filtered. And it anyways doesn't have a lot of useful search results where they are not filtering anything.
    Nov 28, 2018 4
    • Microsoft Sam-I-Am
      It's actually not a bad little search engine. Rarely do I have trouble finding what I'm looking for on it--only occasionally do I need to revert to Google... when I'm looking for some function specific to Maps, for instance.

      That said, for all its humble beginnings I see it's matured just enough to have some utility, which can only grow over time. So it's not so much wasted effort to ask--in what way, if any, is Microsoft's conduct going to differ from Google with respect to Chinese government content filtering and removal demands?
      Nov 28, 2018
    • Microsoft Sam-I-Am
      Something else worth thinking about---since Microsoft's business model does not depend on advertising revenue through user tracking (and the fact that this is almost entirely Google's business model now), Microsoft stands to become a potent competitor, because it's poised to weather pesky things like GDPR and other pending Californian/Federal privacy regulation quite well. People are going to want an alternative, and Bing is the closest thing I can think of right now that could do it.
      Nov 28, 2018
    • Microsoft / Eng kejriwal
      When china said you need to filter search results, Microsoft never pulled out of china, Google did. Now they are backtracking.
      Nov 28, 2018
    • Microsoft / Eng kejriwal
      I use bing all the time, I even have bing app on my phone, it is good for checking weather, stock and few other things but when it is something where you don't have a lot of search results Google always beats bing.
      Nov 28, 2018
  • T-Mobile Naively2
    I love the Bing rewards. Gets me a free Dominos pizza every month
    Nov 28, 2018 0
  • Microsoft Erhlach
    OneDrive is off in China
    Dec 6, 2018 1
    • Microsoft Shahman
      "This year we put a '12' on the Box."
      Dec 6, 2018
  • AT&T / Eng

    AT&T Eng

    Optum, Windstream, AT&T, Verizon
    Search results formatted differently than Google (as expected - they are from a different company) and the sheer unfamiliarity of it all makes me go back to Google.

    “I don’t like the way it looks”
    Nov 28, 2018 0


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