If you could only learn one front-end framework, what would it be?

Google G-MAN
Mar 3 21 Comments

I’m primarily a back-end developer.. but would like to have one general purpose front end framework that I could use for all my personal needs.

What’s a powerful & diverse front-end framework that I can use to build mid-level websites fairly quickly.

Ex) blogs, product/personal/business/non-profit websites?


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TOP 21 Comments
  • Microsoft hitReset
    React, NodeJS, WebPack and TypeScript
    Mar 35
    • Oracle / DesignlfeG80
      Mar 3
    • Google G-MAN
      Are all of these supposed to be used in conjunction?
      Mar 3
    • Amazon / Eng🦎 gecko
      I’d consider NodeJS backend, but generally agree with the stack. I used Angular v1 and then v2 changed everything, so definitely react.
      Mar 3
    • This but not nodejs
      Mar 3
    • Throw in some state management too
      Mar 3
  • jquery!
    Mar 34
  • Amazon Melgizecci
    you can do pretty much everything just with es6 vanilla js.
    Mar 30
  • Workday / Engreactjs
    I’m biased but, react.
    Mar 30
  • ConocoPhillips hGUu82
    All your examples are best served by a CMS, not a frontend framework.

    Do you want to make blogs or apps?
    Mar 30
  • CGI bluedog
    Mar 30
  • New / MgmtVSwf01
    Angular if you care about solid engineering but find with having no friends. React if you easily cave in to peer pressure
    Mar 50
  • Target / EngtmDe33
    2019 is finally the year of Mootools.
    Mar 40
  • T-Mobile snowsnow
    Yes react as per my opinion. Angular is equally good but i don't like it much.
    Mar 30
  • Yahoo a-z1-9
    Mar 30
  • New / Eng


    I’d use Gatsby, it’s react and has a lot of good defaults built in like client side routing, and SSR so seo for blog like applications is good
    Mar 30
  • React is all you need to know. Create-react-app will do all the setup for you (webpack on a node dev server + babel to transpile es6 and jsx). Typescript is optional, I don’t prefer it.

    Angular is another popular one, I’ve used it quite a bit and not a fan
    Mar 30

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