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Sep 20, 2017 13 Comments

I've already checked out their website, Glassdoor, many online articles, and some videos on YouTube.

Now I'd like to hear from someone who works for them currently / used to work for them.

What's the company culture like?
Are employees happy or overwhelmed?
Professional development opportunities e.g. certifications and additional development training not just on their own product line?How much travel is involved?
Would I manage my own calendar?

Anything you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

@illumio / SE role


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Facebook / Eng Fugi
    Stay away from it. It's going to go down soon
    Mar 7, 2018 2
    • Palo Alto Networks fridgemgnt
      How so?
      Aug 14, 2018
    • Illumio orup11
      No it's not. It is the only really scalable solution in the security segmentation space, that is actually deployed and working as claimed. Usually in customers that have tried deploying the established player's solutions and failed at any kind of real scale...
      Aug 17, 2018
  • Illumio monster69
    Look elsewhere. So many people left. New management was brought in by their “friends” and getting rid of everyone. Culture not the same as before when I first started.
    Nov 5 3
    • Illumio xxyyzzn
      Not everyone is replaced. A lot of people are, reasons vary. Not all management is new. A lot of tightening of screws is underway. No longer a small little startup. We are a leader in micro-segmentation space. Growing is never painless. I joined and I am staying, because I believe.
      Nov 5
    • Facebook / Eng iCares
      When did u join?
      Nov 5
    • Illumio IGKn33
      What monster said. I was there almost five years. New CFO came in (2nd one), and brought a hostile attitude to the company. 98% attrition under his management structure in six months since he started. Management can’t afford to lose a second CFO and biting their lips on the mistake. This person has been discharged from their previous roles (active lawsuits still on him, public record). With the mass exodus of over 30% of the company in 2019, culture is now being forced on people.
      Nov 6
  • Splunk / Sales ZKZdjsYg7A
    Oct 7 1
    • Illumio / Sales tnJo58
      Not a very good culture. Lots of arrogance. Product is ahead of its time
      Oct 7
  • Illumio / Sales tnJo58
    Stay clear of illumio
    Oct 3 1
    • Facebook / Eng wuttf
      Oct 3
  • Illumio xxyyzzn
    tnJo58, do you work at illumio?
    Oct 19 1
    • Illumio / Sales tnJo58
      I did. I left
      Nov 5


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