Imposter Syndrome at FAANG?

Dematic / Eng Larry Cook
Aug 19 14 Comments

Ive always wondered how people manage at these big companies. Yes, you leetcode day and night and practice some mock interviews and get a job. What happens after that?. Leetcode and studying data structures improves your coding skills but what about general IQ?.

When I first joined my previous company, i was assigned as the only resource to work on a project without any formal training.

How did you feel during your first week at big companies?. When you are surrounded by super smart people.

Extension to that question:
Do these companies have any sort of formal training for a few months before assigning you work?.

Did you experience Imposter Syndrome?



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TOP 14 Comments
  • Google / Eng dogfoodie
    The best way to get over imposter syndrome is to realize no one knows everything, and they just make it up as they go.
    Aug 19 2
    • Google wood
      I agree. This is the way I used to cope up with it
      Aug 19
    • Google / Eng JLrC80
      I've come to the realization that we get paid a lot precisely because no one knows what they are doing. If the work was formulaic all our jobs would be outsourced for a fraction of the cost a long time ago.
      Aug 19
  • Amazon d57c dry y
    Been here about 4 months. From everything I can tell, people are happy with me and my performance so far.

    I feel like I know nothing though and everyday I get super stressed that one day they will realize I'm garbage and will get pip'd.
    Aug 19 2
    • Dematic / Eng Larry Cook
      Exactly what my friend from amazon used to say. He switched before they could find out
      Aug 19
    • Amazon d57c dry y
      Switched to a different team? Or company?
      Aug 19
  • Amazon / Eng AMZNBucks
    My first few weeks was reading a whole lot of documentation for onboarding and learning internal tools. Kinda yes and no on imposter, you're working with smart people who know the API way better than you but that's because they wrote it or have been here longer. But also, coming from my old job I feel like I was set up well to succeed here
    Aug 19 0
  • Google poorrich
    For a week, you cannot not even understand the layout of office. There are far too many things to do in the first few weeks.

    Google official on-boarding lasts 3 months. It is packed with training about culture, work aspects and technology.

    Remember , by the very definition of “top”, there are only few people who are beyond average. Others are generally smart but not out of the world. Vast majority of people we deal with on day to day basis are smart enough to work at Google. Generally speaking , the imposter syndrome depends largely on own’s personality and ability to ramp up. Few of my colleagues have gone in depression and few of them excelled and improved. So there is no one answer.
    Aug 19 0
  • Amazon / Eng kuraudo
    Believe me, if you're not working out, we'll let you know loudly and often.
    Aug 19 0
  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    You’re one of 100k people hired. If you really think you don’t belong then the problem is low self esteem. Work on that
    Aug 19 0
  • Google room ba
    I've only been at Amazon and Google, so can't say about the others. Overall, I've never really felt any imposter syndrome and have never had much trouble ramping up so far. People around have been nice and helpful usually.

    One thought that did strike me is that i only got into big tech in 2010, so some of the elite talent may already have left and the sense of existential urgency has never been around in my time.
    Aug 19 0
  • BusPatrol Igpay2
    I have it right now and haven’t even started yet.
    Aug 19 2


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