Improving verbal communication

Oracle hh44dddf66
May 17 7 Comments

I have received feedback from a couple of my managers (various companies) in the past to improve my verbal communication.

Its along the lines of being able to summarize well, provide the right level of detail in a short burst of time. I've struggled a lot with this. Sometimes upper mgmt feedback has been "needs more detail" and sometimes it's been "too many details".

There has been no issues with written communication, its mostly around verbal.

I think my voice sounds shaky giving the perception of nervousness when I am actually very confident.

FWIW I've done toastmasters a few times, attended communication classes etc.

Any tips from the senior women who have mastered this skill.

Role Sr. PM

I will not give out my TC or YOE.


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  • Amazon undertaker
    "I will not give out my TC or YOE". As if you will be identified...
    May 17 0
  • Citibank / Product Qrnw80
    I too feel that my verbal communication for summarizing can use some tuning. Are there any training or materials you recommend for fine tuning? Thanks.
    May 17 1
    • Oracle hh44dddf66
      I haven't mastered this skill so can't comment. Waiting to hear back from more senior women.
      May 17
  • Intel falalalala
    Look up Feynman technique! I've observed that I do the same things when I'm not clear on some concepts. And when I am clear, I do a much better job. It'll take quite a few attempts of practiced verbal communication to gain confidence and eventually things will improve.
    PS: I'm still WIP too. But this seems to address one of my bigger problems with verbal communication and I believe this is the root issue that I face. Good luck :)
    Jun 17 0
  • Oracle fandantan
    You need to practice in front of the mirror so you become aware of you weaknesses. Then improve on them. Also, look up precision Q&A so you learn how to ask the right questions and how to answer them with precision. Lastly, if your body betrays you when anxious (broken voice, etc) look into getting a prescription for propranol. It’s a med typically used for Parkinsons or tremor and it is generic and cheap and has been used off label for performance anxiety. Hollywood’s best kept secret. Non addictive. You only take it as needed (i.e. before a big meeting) and it is not mind altering. It only blocks your adrenaline receptors so that adrenaline doesn’t make you shake, sweat, etc. It basically takes care of the physical manifestations of nervousness but not of the mental ones. Finally, practice. Practice makes perfect. If you can sign up to teach a class somewhere, even to kids, that will give you enough exposure and speaking in front of audience in a concise manner will become second nature.
    Jun 14 0
  • TriNet / Eng yOXI71
    You just need to practice more. Work on your intonation and try to put an effort when you are speaking.
    May 17 0
  • Barclays PLC / Product NightKing3
    I would like to know too if there is a good way to improve verbal communication!
    May 17 0