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It's kind of scary when I look back at my last two years since joining FB. Came in as an E4 with a huge pay bump, grinded hard for E5. Now grinding for E6 and eventual switch to management. The whole way through, I've gotten used to both a constant level of stress and a huge desire to make as much money as fast as possible so I dont have to work for anyone ever again.

I'm sure this is common. But it's even worse at a company like FB where you can rise up and be making 1m+ if you're legitimately good. And with that opportunity visibly there, my stress and obsession is even worse.

I'm not on a good place right now, but I also can't just turn the drive off with an opportunity like the one I have. Looking for advice from folks that had a similar mindset and came out fine, or changed their mindset for the better.


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  • Microsoft > DROP *
    Don’t burn out. Take the foot off of the gas if you need to. Burn outs are very difficult to recover from.

    Good luck my friend!
    Jun 9 1
    • New GkQJ74
      So much this. I’ve burned out in two different positions so far. Both times, my management was great and really reduced my workload. But I still hated it. I could never shake the feeling of being pissed off at how overworked I was (even though I wasn’t anymore!). I ended up leaving both positions (by choice).

      Definitely don’t let yourself ever get to the point of burning out.
      Jun 9
  • Google / Eng QrJx75
    First, congrats on choosing to FIRE and putting that into action. You're already way ahead of 99% of people.

    If you look at your progression towards FI, you'll see that when you hit 4-5M in networth, the TC won't matter much anymore. The invested 4-5M will compound beautifully with or without additional funding. And YOU WILL hit 4-5M as long as you are disciplined with investing. I don't see you taking longer than 10 years to achieve that. Even if you were to increase your pay to make it take only 5 years...I would deeply question is the stress of 5 miserable years worth it? And can you find a path you enjoy going down and do it in 7?

    FWIW, I'm 4 years until I FIRE, and my TC continues to climb at a pace way faster than I thought. My stress level is at an all-time-low. There's some peace knowing that it will happen so that I can focus on doing things I find impactful/meaningful as opposed to doing things strictly for money.
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  • New / Other

    New Other

    Did stuff. Hustled hard. Retired
    Figure out what works for you from everything you hear.

    FIRE is indeed a marathon.

    If you push hard enough, you will burnout. The secret sauce is to figure out a way to shorten this.

    The approach I found worked for me.

    I personally believe that “obsession is a core ingredient of success” so obsessing about ways to get to FIRE helps you get there. However this makes you a less sociable human. There’s a cost to everything.

    For me it’s been worth it. Perhaps when I lay in my nursing home with no family around I may have regrets.

    Haha. Just kidding, we’ll all be dead soon anyways.
    Jun 9 0
  • Amazon Bill.
    The drive is not bad, but when you feel the stress levels get too high, ease up. Some of the words you use indicate it is time to schedule a vacation.

    That is also why you get 2 Meets Most, you can slow down for one cycle, then keep going strong.

    Think more long term. It is better to take time to slow down to get much further, than to burn out. Burn out can affect your health, being much more valuable than short term TC.
    If you ever seen a Nascar race pit stop (I'm no expert on it), but even mid-race they take breaks in order to win.
    Jun 9 2
    • Deliveroo / Eng devloper
      I'm a bit confused by your Meets Most sentence. Could you perhaps elaborate on that?
      Jun 9
    • Amazon Bill.
      For facebook specifically, it is a rating category. You won't get pipped (lose your job) for one review cycle at that rating.
      Jun 9
  • Infoblox / Eng lKsU38
    Financial independence is a marathon. Don't burn out before the finish line. I've found that exercise is really helpful for controlling my stress levels. Also schedule vacations so you don't forget to take them. I feel like a new person after a two week vacation and go back to work with more energy and drive.
    Jun 9 0