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Dematic hasssan
Sep 19 18 Comments

Has anyone done onsite interview for QA automation at Indeed? What to expect?


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  • Indeed QLEb66
    Code exercise/whiteboard in preferred language. Code review of existing Python/Selenium tests. Mentoring exercise explaining a basic coding concept to a QAE. Writing Selenium tests for a new UI, then a review or the tests you wrote. Talk with hiring manager.
    Sep 26 6
    • Indeed / QA spectatrix
      Yep, exactly this.
      Sep 27
    • Dematic NumberDo
      Can I make use of TestNG while writing Selenium tests?
      Sep 27
    • Indeed QLEb66
      I think they give you the option of using a language you prefer, like Java, in which case you could probably use TestNG...
      I was planning on using Java, but when I got there, they had example Selenium tests written in Python already... While they said I could use Java, it was clear the exercise was aimed at Python, so I just told them I'd do it in Python, even though I didn't really know Python, and they were pretty understanding and were fine when I wrote pseudo python/selenium for the exercise
      Sep 27
    • Dematic NumberDo
      That's so helpful. Thanks a lot, appreciate the help. Any tips on how to crack the onsite interview?
      Sep 27
    • Dematic NumberDo
      Also, what's the difficulty level for coding exercise?
      Sep 27
  • Indeed koler
    SWE-like interview with QA parts. Given it involves distributed automation, I'd suggest brushing up on system design questions
    Sep 21 2
    • Indeed / QA spectatrix
      That's only for senior QAAE reqs. Given the OP's yoe, I'm guessing it's for L2, which has a different loop.
      Sep 24
    • Indeed koler
      Oh, good point. NVM OP
      Sep 24
  • Roku cruella
    Sep 19 0
  • Indeed / QA spectatrix
    The recruiter should give you info on what interview segments to expect. Is this for a standard or senior req?
    Sep 24 1
    • Dematic NumberDo
      Standard level 2.
      Sep 24
  • Shutterfly pramod111
    Indeed indeed
    Sep 19 2
    • Apple qwerasdfgt
      Indeed Indeed Indeed
      Sep 19
    • Indeed kqow
      Sep 20
  • Indeed May230NDA
    And the Seattle QA people are super nice. I see them often.
    Sep 21 0
  • Dematic hasssan
    Sep 20 0


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