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LinkedIn notamanger
Nov 18 4 Comments

What are the different rewards other than base salary for a non-eng team member in Indeed? Something like:

1. Bonus
2. LTIP units

Is anniversary bonus rewarded to all non-eng team members?

Is there anything else I’m missing? Please help



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  • Bonus and LTIPs depend on the role and the region. Quarterly bonuses are in the range of 8-20%.

    Anniversary bonus is discretionary. It is not offered to all members, let alone non-eng team.
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  • Indeed 7dhiotdjop
    LTIPs are role, location, and level based. Until you're at L4 (or a lock for it in the given year), it's all the same, with some rare exceptions (example: VP+ wants to hire someone and interview committee levels them under what VP+ wants).

    Bonuses used to be based a percentage based on quarterly rating alone. They just announced that's no longer the case; I'd call it arbitrary now.

    Anniversary bonuses are only going to L3+ to make up for the unfortunate LTIP vesting cycle (100% at 3 years). Or, again, in exceptional cases where you've become a VP+'s favorite.
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  • Indeed poiuyuy
    Not a non-eng but feel free to DM me.
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  • SAP offer-
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