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New PPBd87
Jun 7 14 Comments

I interviewed for SWE role for Singapore Office about 7 weeks ago. Around the same time, the recruiter told me that Indeed is going to proceed with an offer and collected the relevant information from me. I have been waiting since then. Each time I emailed to ask, the recruiter would either tell me that the offer is pending approval or finalizing.

I read here about the hiring freeze but as far as I know, Singapore office is still hiring.

I’m curious about the following:

1. Is anyone in the same situation?
2. Indeed folks, what is the average turnaround time?


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  • All the offices are
    Jun 26 5
  • Indeed indoodle
    There is a hire freeze. Don’t worry, they are working on head count and once the hire freeze passes you should get your offer.
    Jun 7 1
    • Indeed t6
      Hopefully by the end of the year. OP, move on...
      Jun 9
  • Indeed cQEx15
    Did you get fake promises like "in a week" etc?
    Jun 7 0
  • Visa MzkG80
    Can someone refers me for Indeed Singapore role?. I am looking for an engineering position.
    Jun 7 2
    • Dm me
      Jun 7
    • New alpha9
      Can u refer for Visa? Engineer /JS stack position?
      Jun 7
  • KLA-Tencor hGFE21
    are you in the us? can get an offer from singapore? what visa do you have? as far as i know, job market there is di#icult for foreigners eapecially swe. it is not lack of swe.
    Jun 7 0
  • Reddit orlyyy
    Jun 7 0