Indeed karat phone interview

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May 6 8 Comments

I have been approached by an Indeed recruiter recently. After out initial call, I was told to take a karat phone interview. What to expect and any suggestions on how to prepare ?


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  • Pinger / Eng create💻
    For Roblox I got 2 coding questions.
    May 7 2
    • Do you mind sharing the questions?
      Jul 13
    • Pinger / Eng create💻
      I don't remember, that was 2 months and 20 interviews ago 😂
      Jul 13
  • Groupon noooo
    LC easy question. First Modification once you solve. More constraints once you solve both. You are expected to solve first 2. First 15min will be quick fire CS trivia questions. Interviewers are very nice, don't let that misguide you to think you are doing well. Be cognizant of time to solve at least 2 problems
    May 6 2
    • Amazon / Eng mOwGLee
      +1 you should solve atleast 2 problems to get through
      May 6
    • Adobe bwSw06
      +1 for the interview format.
      May 6
  • Evernote zxWfvt
    The karat interview is different for every company simply because they work with the company to know what questions to ask.

    For me for a diff company they asked me to pick 2/4 categories i.e debugging ptoduction, frontend, algorithms, and release process (something like that) and they ask you questions no code first part.

    Second part got asked 2 coding questions LC easy and LC Med. they’re not on LC but similar to other problems.
    May 6 1
    • New ldIE43
      What does LC stand for?
      Jul 15


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