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Sep 26 12 Comments

Indeeed, what's your experience with quarterly bonus percent?

Recruiter is trying to tell me that quarterly bonus is 10-30% and that 20% is granted for just meeting your goal. It's hard to get a good grasp of TC when there is such a large gap of bonus amount.



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  • Indeed / Eng indoodle
    There is no 20%. The levels are, 8% (meets-) 10% (meets), 14% (meets+), 18% (exceeds), 24% (? Top performer, forget about this one)
    Sep 26 5
    • Indeed / Eng on 🔥
      There is no longer meets- rating, only below, which will give you 0%
      Sep 26
    • Indeed mnbvvv
      Have you seen below before. I haven’t seen any one get below. Wondering how you would accomplish that...maybe by not coming into the office the whole week?
      Sep 27
    • Indeed / Eng on 🔥
      Yes, all old meets- now will become below, there are ~3-5% of them
      Sep 27
    • Indeed / QA spectatrix
      When did meets- go away? Is there a blog post about it?
      Oct 1
    • Indeed satisfise
      There was a long email about it, yes
      Oct 2
  • Indeed oyegasas
    Expect 10% for your first 3 quarters on average. 2 quarters at minimum. Most people usually start getting 15% after 6 quarters and then 20% after 8
    Sep 26 0
  • Indeed / Eng GuiC
    There was never a 30%. I got a Top and it was 28%. It was changed to Outstanding (24%) later. Next to it is Exceed Expectations (18%). Meet is only 10%.
    Oct 7 0
  • Indeed / QA spectatrix
    "Outstanding" is 22% in engineering
    Oct 1 0
  • Indeed jeHt
    10-13% per quarter based on performance
    Sep 27 0
  • Indeed jeHt
    I heard it’s 10-13%
    Oct 7 0
  • Indeed fGVu77
    I've never seen anyone get 20%. The highest I've heard of is 17% which was given to the highest performer in our office.
    Oct 1 0


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